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Credanet is the name given to a range of Creda storage heaters operated by a sophisticated mains borne signaling system. The heaters are operated via a 3 zone central controller that can be programmed for different temperatures during the day. Only Credanet (CNT) fan assisted and combination storage heaters as well as Credanet (CNT) panel convector heaters will operate on a credanet system.

Two systems were manufactured - Credanet and Credanet II. The systems are no longer available and some replacement parts for the early Credanet range are no longer manufactured although it is possible to substitute, on a limited basis, these parts with Credanet II components. carry out repairs and re-programming to both Credanet systems.

The main PCB transceiver board fitted inside the heater that communicates with the central controller costs approx £150.00 to replace if faulty. PCB transceiver boards have had a high failure rate in the past and is the most likely cause of the heater not working properly. Because of this many customers have decided to convert their Credanet storage heaters back to “stand alone” operation by re-fitting the operating controls normally found on conventional storage heaters. All the heaters original operating features are retained. You can make any adjustments necessary using the new controls on each individual heater. Please call us with the model number of your heater as it may not be possible to convert some early fan assisted models.

Credanet CNT12CW, CNT18CW, CNT24CW combination slimline storage heaters and Credanet CNT18FW, CNT24FW fan assisted slimline storage heaters converted to "stand alone" manual input operation cost £149 per heater plus the service call charge for your area.

Credanet CNT panel convector heaters converted to "standalone" manual untimed operation cost from £36 per heater plus the service call charge for your area.

Check out the service call charge to your area on our Service Call Charge Calculator.

This represents a huge saving compared with replacing your existing Credanet storage heaters with the equivalant Creda TSR model of the same output and performance.

Note: a maximum of 4 heater conversions at the same address per service call only. For the conversion of additional heaters please ask for a quote.